Biased Ward Policing Consultation Suvey

Londoners are being encouraged by the police to fill in the Ward Policing Consultation document. Apparently, in conjunction with crime figures, the information gleaned from the survey is extremely useful to the police to “improve the quality of life for the people who live and work within the City of London…To help us target and address your issues”. So, the first question on the list, the issue that takes precedence over all others is:

I mean come on, firstly I can think of a few other things that need to be addressed before cyclists and skateboarders! And, as noted by the London Cycling Campaign in the City, it ‘s a bit telling that they put cycling first on the list. Not to mention that the semantics are skewed – anyone concerned about driving? No? What about dangerous driving? Ah well, yes we’re all concerned about dangerous anything aren’t we?

Quite frankly I expected more – this isn’t some village idiot bobby outfit, it’s the City Police – surely they can drum up a meaningful questionnaire!? The data will be as statistically valid as a photo of my middle finger on a spreadsheet. At least it’s better than what looks like their first attempt (from London Cycling Campaign in the City article):

Cycling isn’t necessarily dangerous, but dangerous cycling? It has to be by it’s very definition! We’re going to end up with a lot more people being concerned about dangerous cycling than skateboarders that’s for sure. Tut tut.


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