Posengers, flopping and still no Armadillos

The Good:

Slowed to a crawl behind a posenger today thinking that his lack of speed meant he would be pulling over at some point soonish. Two miles later and still no sign of him picking up the pace, so I overtook him (which seemed like some kind of achievement at the time, but now post adrenaline-rush, feels a little lame).

The Bad:

Woke up to find out I had a flat tyre :( Gotta get a pair of Armadillos, the tyres that came with my new bike are officially pants. Two punctures in a week pants in fact. One was caused by a stone! A very, very small stone. Grit, actually. Pathetic.

The Ugly:

Fell off my bike at the petrol station. Yes, fell. Actually, it was more of a flop. I wasn’t pushed, or nudged, I didn’t get distracted and I’m not claiming it was anyone’s fault but my own inexplicable, but momentary lapse of hand-eye coordination. Highly embarrassing. Just as well there were no motorists there to see it (too late to see rush hour due to the flat tyre). Conclusion…at least The Bad made The Ugly a little prettier.


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