All road users are created equal…

…But some more equal than others.

This morning I saw two police officers in Bishopsgate standing either side of a set of traffic lights. A moped pulled up and into the ‘bike box’ alongside a few cyclists. One of the officers leant over, ‘had a word’ and handed the guy a piece of paper. A ticket!? Wohoo, justice in line with January’s actions. But no, she just gave him a leaflet. And what a masterpiece it is. Unsatisfied with the obviously baffling instructions given in rule 178 of the highway code, the Police’s leaflet is full of concise, direct snippets of advice. My personal favourite is:

Unless the vehicle is either on the stop line or so close to the stop line that it would be unsafe to stop prior to the first stop line, then the vehicle may cross the first stop line but must stop before the second stop line.

For God’s sake, stop saying ‘stop line’! Click here to view the leaflet (opens in a new window).

This traffic offense can carry a £60 fine and up to 3 points on your license. But never mind that, we’ll fine cyclists for jumping reds, but just give motorists a leaflet, or a send them on a course instead. That’ll teach ’em!


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