Don’t believe the stereotype

The Good:

A cabbie gave way to me today. Yup, an actual London taxi driver in a hackney cab! I know…it’s true, you just can’t make this stuff up. It happened this morning at a traffic hotspot on the approach to London Bridge from Borough. Unfortunately, I was in too much shock to catch his plate or id, but I did manage to utter a word of thanks and a friendly ‘thank you’ wave. The cynic in me was saying it must have been his first day on the job, but I’d like to believe that even after years in the business, he’d remained uncompromised by the daily grind and allowed himself during rush hour to make the unprecedented move of extending his courtesy to the one road user normally considered the enemy…a cyclist. So, thanks Mr Taxi Man, it doesn’t happen often enough, but I really appreciated it.

The Bad:

This morning, a guy on a road bike was cycling far too slowly for a guy on a road bike. I don’t mind slow cyclists (to most people, I’m probably one of them) but really really slow cyclists that insist on holding everyone else up by riding two abreast even when they’re not overtaking!? But it’s ok, he was wearing a ‘Tour de France’ shirt so I guess that makes it a non-issue because his commute into work was obviously waaaay more important than mine, or anyone else’s for that matter. So, of course I shouted “Oi! Get over to the left, you’re in the bloody way!” Ok, I actually just tutted a bit in typicaly British style like everyone else and considered using my bell but didn’t. Well, what’s the use of a rant blog if I’m gonna let it all out on the road anyway?

The Ugly:

I don’t like to be a hater, but one too many selfish cyclists annoyed me today. Couple that with being confronted with a genuinely considerate taxi driver and what used to be my comforting road user stereotypes can’t get into an uglier mess. If much more of this goes on, I’ll have to start treating people as individuals. That will never do.


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