Glad to be back, annoying motorcyclists aside

The Good:

On my bike again, after an unavoidable, but thankfully brief encounter with public transport *shudder* on Friday due to a spot of illness.

The Bad:

Another motorcyclist thinks that he’s got a God-given right to block the bike box to cyclists. Now, I understand why motorcyclists want to use the box – for the same reason that cyclists do – to get a safe head-start in front of the traffic, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re legally not allowed to. If you’re a motorcyclist and you’re thinking of using the bike box, don’t filter through two lanes of traffic and then simply stop in between two cars when you get in front of it. If you’ve got room to move out of the way and you choose not to, you’re blocking entry to the bike box to all the cyclists behind you for no reason. That’s fine, so long as you expect me to shout at you, call you a twatt, and scrape past your shiny bike to get inside the box. Don’t like it? Don’t use it, or at least don’t be so bloody arrogant and inconsiderate as to block it off to the people it’s actually there for.

The Ugly:

Apart from annoying motorcyclists, today was too pretty for uglies because I was so pleased to be back on my bike again, yey :)


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