Motorbikes and White Van Man

The Good:

Thanks to the guy on the moped at Brixton, who very politely and graciously gave way to lots of cyclists trying to pass all those buses outside the tube station this morning. Of course, I let him out after seeing him wave through many cyclists in front of me. Thanks again G20K WXG!

The Bad:

Bad, bad white van man. I know you want to get somewhere quick, hell we’d all like to jump the queue once in a while, but really I’m not sure it’s worth my life is it? Coming out of a side street and forcing yourself into a stream of moving traffic??? I’m sure if you think about it real hard, even you can see that this is a bad idea.

The Ugly

Things nearly got ugly by Oval this morning – stupid man on a moped decided to pull out in front of me with zero warning. To make it worse, he then undertook me and decided to drive full steam ahead up the bike lane! Twice! Almost but not quite counteracted the move made by the guy at Brixton. Grr.


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