Tioga City Slickers

Ok, last night after my sixth puncture in almost as many weeks, I decided I was getting rid my Tioga City Slickers. I have seen good reviews online for these tyres, but I have no idea why. They were the tyres that came with my bike, so I sort of inherited them, but after just over a month of constant annoyance I’ve decided to ditch them.

Tioga City Slicker Tyres:

My first puncture was due to glass. Couldn’t really have done anything about that, it was a hefty chunk of glass. The second puncture however, was a stone. A very very small stone had wedged itself into one of the circular grooves and had punctured through to the inner tube, again in the front tyre. This tiny tiny stone ended up causing the bad on what was an otherwise ok Tuesday.

Ever the optimist, I put it down to a run of bad luck and was happy buying replacement inner tubes. A third puncture a few days later however, which was caused by god knows what, and I was resolute on replacing the tyres. At the time, I had decided on Specialized Armadillos, although I was convinced to change my mind after hearing bad things about them, especially in adverse weather conditions. Which brings me on to the second gripe with the City Slickers. Since getting my new bike I’ve felt rather nervous turning corners. Although I haven’t actually fallen off yet, I have had a couple of slippery moments. I just don’t feel as though the bike is gripping the road at all, and I’m convinced (rightly or wrongly) that it’s due to the tyres.

So perhaps they’re not any good in wet or icy conditions, or if there’s a little bit of dew on the road, but they are brilliantly wonderful at picking up punctures. Actually, I’m quite astounded by what can cause a puncture in these tyres. Although I never actually found out what caused the ‘snakebite’ of my fourth puncture, the fifth and sixth punctures were again caused by small stones getting lodged in the grooves of the tyre and puncturing the inner tube. Really very unimpressed by these tyres, and the number of inner tubes and puncture repair supplies I’ve gone through (currently rotating four inner tubes). In any case, I have managed to find what I hope will be good replacements, and my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres should arrive tomorrow from Bike+. I’m looking forward to a break from punctures, at least for more than a day or so!


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