Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres

My new tyres arrived this week. I am hugely impressed with these, and the service from Bike+. Ordered them late Monday evening and they arrived bang on time at 9:05am on the Wednesday, well done Bike+! Also, using their two for £38 deal, it worked out at £41.50 in total after P&P – not bad considering another larger company (noted by their nauseating yellow and green branding) wanted 53.98 English Pounds for exactly the same product. Anyway, I digress, my main point is that these tyres are fantabulous! Much, much better than my old Tioga City Slickers. There is no comparison between these tyres and my old ones, which were nothing short of useless – the amount of punctures I picked up in a week was astounding, I might as well have been riding on my inner tubes alone for what they were worth! They are a bit heavier than the Tiogas, but they more than make up for this in other ways, and somehow manage to combine better traction with a smoother ride! Oh, and they passed ‘the look’ test, failed on many occasions by the Tioga City Slickers, i.e. I looked at them and they didn’t pop! I’m well chuffed!

Schwalbe Marathon Plus:


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