Wear a helmet! Or dont. But make up your mind!

Some people think that wearing a helmet is safer, others think that it gives the cyclist a false sense of security which ultimately leads to more risk-taking behaviour. Whatever your school of thought, please stick to it. What is it with those people that carry their helmets while cycling? Seriously, if you don’t want to wear a helmet then don’t, but why carry it around with you? I don’t understand you people! It’s like Mummy made you put it on before you left the house and then you took it off as soon as you got around the corner. Why do it? Is it there to whip on as soon as Mummy comes into sight again?

I wear a helmet. I wish it gave me even the smallest sense of security. It doesn’t. The false sense of security that I experience consists of feeling comfortable enough to get on my bike and commute nine miles across London in rush hour. I remain painfully aware of my vulnerability on the roads at all times, but especially in the City. I continue to wear my helmet because when I get into an accident (not happened yet, but I’m a realist) I would like there to be something in between my brain and the tarmac, that isn’t either my skin or my bone, to cushion the blow of the impact. I don’t care if you disagree, in fact I can see the logic in some of the arguments against wearing helmets, but for God’s sake don’t suspend it from your arm, or leave it flailing around your handle bars to flap aimlessly in the wind. You look like a tit…and anyway, Mummy will find out eventually!


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