Bloody Thieves!

I woke up this morning in a good mood and as always was looking forward to the commute into work. Outside, the weather was doing its best to make what looked like a glorious day. And it was going to be. Until the Missus turned to me and said “oh…your wheel”. I looked down, but couldn’t initially see anything wrong. Upon closer inspection in the direction of the lovely M’s finger, I noticed the quick release skewer was missing from my front wheel. A Victor Meldrew-esque “I don’t believe it!” went through my head before I actually blared out “fucking bastards!”. In complete shock, I just kept repeating “fucking bastards”, which apart from alerting the neighbours to my newly discovered theft, didn’t actually do any good at all.

I was furious! Some bloody miscreant had stolen my skewer, which meant public transport *yuck*, which meant being an hour and a half late for work, and an hour and a half late home because I had to pick up a new skewer. I was more shocked than angry though, not because someone had taken it upon themselves to steal something from my bike, but that they had stolen the skewer – something you can pick up for about a tenner! I mean that is a pitiful plunder. It hardly seems worth stealing at all, let alone the risk of getting caught. I still can’t believe anyone would be so desperate! I know we’re living in the credit crunch and all, but that is seriously, seriously scabby.

At first I though it was a botched job at an attempt to steal my front wheel – they had started to undo the quick release before realising the wheel was locked to the bike, and had then either taken the skewer as a consolation prize or thrown it away. I’m now completely convinced however that whoever it was actually had set out to steal the skewer because the wheel hadn’t moved a millimetre from the dropouts! This means we have some seriously cheap thieves about. I can’t stand the kind of mentality that allows people think they’re entitled to take free for themselves what I have worked hard for to earn, but I can rationalise how people are tempted by crime. Even so, you have to be seriously degenerate to be tempted by a second hand skewer! The Missus and I have come to the conclusion that these people are just not put off in the slightest by the consequences of getting caught. The plus side at least is that we now have anti-theft quick release bolts fitted on our wheels and seat posts, which we’re hoping will deter the opportunist thief at least.


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