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Bike Haiku: 7

Warm sun on my face.
But then from nowhere a car!
Life before my eyes.


Bike Haiku: 6

Sitting in the traffic,
making the jam that you’re in:
creator of self.

Bike Haiku: 5

Cars fighting for space.
I have none to give away.
But they take it still.

Bike Haiku: 4

Ten thousand cars stuck
in a jam but think I am
the one in the way?

Bike Haiku: 3

In a flash of light,
from nowhere, he speeds across!
Dumb motorcyclist.

Bike Haiku: 2

Fluorescent yellow.
Cars see me. As a target?
Apparently so.

Bike Haiku: 1

A snakebite and black.
But not of the drinking kind.
Third puncture this week!